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The First Fun Games of China Pharmaceutical University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Time:2018-11-29   Browse times:11

China Pharmaceutical University, Nov. 10, 2018: the first fun games for faculty members and students from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences ware held at Jiang Ning Campus Stadium to enhance memberscommunication and alleviate their pressure. The leaders of the institute and the representatives of the central laboratories participated in the sports meeting.

The fun games attracted 11 teams of nearly 110 students and teachers to participate in the three sessions consisting of games like racing, skipping, bowling with sandbags, kangaroo jumping and hula hoops. After more than two hours of competition the fun games came to a close. And finally the Safety Evaluation Center Team  won the championship.

With the collaboration to complete various games, all the participants relaxed their bodies and minds, strengthened their collective sense of honor as well as the cohesion of the institute.  

Aa JiyeDeputy Secretary announced the opening of the games.

Wang Yougen, Union President of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, read the rules of the games.

Games Moments

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