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The Vice President Lingyi Kong inspects and guides works of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Time:2017-12-29   Browse times:13

The Vice President Lingyi Kong inspected and guided works of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences accompanied by Dr. Hequan Yao, Dr. Libing Sun and Dr. Kun Hao in Sep. 8th.


Dr. Zunjian Zhang, the dean of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, reported the progress in scientific projects including application, establishment, funds reception and division. In addition, Dr. Xiaodong Liu and Dr. Yong Yang reported the progress in the management and idealism commercial scientific and governmental scientific projects.


Dr. Lingyi Kong acclaimed what they had done, and gave five pieces of advices. The first is about focusing on the urgent social difficulties by developing novel drugs through integrating excellent forces and making full use of existing sources. Secondly, the importance of integration between disciplinary researches and striving to make a break through in the Special or Key Projects had also been pointed to strengthen the capacity of our campus in the Special and Key Projects. Thirdly, the delightful working atmosphere is necessary by encouraging discovering and helping teachers declare projects especially those young active ones, and in the meantime, taking into account the traits of college and balancing the relationships between teaching and researches can not be ignored. The penultimate one is about building a complete reward system, like promoting entrepreneur-campus cooperation and increase funds ratio of commercial projects, in the meantime managing it well to gain funds in time according to the progress and contracts. The last but not least, the transition from innovative scientific achievement to practical commercialized products were emphasized, and Dr. Kong also pointed that we should widen mind and enhance the protection of intellectual property by instruction to the scientific researchers about reward application and innovation of management of scientific achievement as well as encouragement in spontaneity in reward application


Dr. Kong was giving the speech


The on-site meeting