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Lingyi Kong, Vice President of CPU, Gave a Lecture to Teacher Party Members of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Time:2017-12-29   Browse times:14

To push forward the normalization and institutionalization of “Studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building” in our institute further, Lingyi Kong, gave an informative and profound lecture to all the teacher party members of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, with the title of “To Welcome 19th CPC National Congress, To be a qualified Party member”, in Room 107, Academic Exchange Centre, Xuanwumen Campus. The lecture was hosted by Institute party Committee secretary Xiaodong Liu.


Lingyi Kong elaborated the great significance and rich connotation of “Studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building”. Relating to great achievements in party building and business work in the first half of this year of the institute, he also pinpointed that grass-root party organization should combine the theory with practice, highlight the features, refine study contents, insist on standardizing party organization and behaviors of the party members with constitution, arm ourselves, guide practice and promote our work with Xi Jinpings spirits.


Lingyi Kong talked with teacher party members about the experiences in studying Xi Jinpings important speeches at the national conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities. He stressed that our institute should conscientiously implement the school's plan, orientate itself in the whole schools ideological and political work combining withits own mixed reality to make greater contributions. He advised us to unify thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, strengthen the consciousness in mind and action, properly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability, in order to welcome 19th CPC National Congress with the excellent results.


Considering objectives throughout the year, Lingyi Kong hoped the institute to take “Studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party buildingas an opportunity, work with our united efforts, tackle tough challenges, make overall plans, seek practical results, reform and innovate on the system, move up the technology ladder, promote discipline development, lay a solid foundation for realizing the13th Five-Year Plan.


Lingyi KONG was giving Lecture to Teacher Party Members


The on-site lecture